Monday, November 17, 2008

Root Beer Review

So I've had a epiphany and I think I need to make a new blog. Wouldn't it be AWESOME if I started a blog that reviews different root beers? I know right? This would be a totally original, new, unique and splendid thing. I'll have to put some thought into the logistics of it. I was thinking a black background, a bottle cap rating system, a lame little soliloquy on the right hand side, and the actual reviews with a picture and history of each brand. I'm not sure if this wonderful, unique, special, beautiful idea will take shape, but I thought I would run the idea by my faithful readers and see what they thought.


Melinda said...

Are you talking about root beer or beer cause your ass is drunk!!! Just kidding I will support your new root beer reiew blog. You are so silly!

kristenita said...

I love root beer.

Lafe & Bea Wiltbank said...

Totally! I was just thinking the other day, "boy, I wish there was someone that would rate rootbeers so I dont have to." It is such an original idea, too. Two thumbs up

Lafe & Bea Wiltbank said...

is bitter larry a friend of Ray's? I am trying to figure it out...

jenn and cosmo said...

now that cosmo is out of the room.... this made me laugh so hard. you should definitely run with your idea. you are a unique snowflake.

Dick Smith said...

Sweet LariLu won't appreciate your comment very much Jonathan.

To whom it may concern... said...

Dear Richard,

i appologize for my rude comment before, but i still hate you for belittling my blog.

And i saw your elf video and you got some moves. Queer.


Lafe & Bea Wiltbank said...

Your fans want more. That is all.

Lari said...

Did you know that I read your blog? I agree with all your inappropriate examples. You were raised well.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
To whom it may concern... said...

when are you going to make a new post on your super awesome blog richard?!

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