Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Have you seen these kids?

So I walk out into my backyard a couple of weeks ago and find that there are rocks all over the deck and yard. I said to myself, "self, where the hell did these rocks come from?" Hank (he's the old man from next door and a stud) came over with a couple of his own and was up in arms about how he was going collect all the rocks and call the mounties (I think that means police). I don't know what ever happened with that. Anyway, a few weeks later Erica hears something smack the side of the house, runs outside, screams at the kids she sees over the fence, runs back up the stairs and snaps this photograph of the guilty parties. My purpose in posting this today is that somebody will randomly come across this picture and recognize the culprits so that justice will be served.
I realize that it was rocks, not dumps, that they were throwing. But I like the quote.


Sharisa said...

Good for you Richard, way to start your own blog. I think you two have inspired Brock and I to begin a blog when we start our "Hawaiian adventure"... thanks :)

steph said...

you're such a geek!! haha.